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IOTE2E, one of the world’s best late-stage energy startups in the Australian EnergyLab’s third Scaleup Program

August 15, 2022 | IOTE2E Press Release

Davis, California and Daejeon, South Korea (August 15, 2022) — IOTE2E, One of Eleven of the world’s best late-stage energy startups are now on a fast-track to commercialisation in the Australian market as members of EnergyLab’s third Scaleup Program cohort.

Originally launched in 2020, the Scaleup Program offers participating startups an opportunity to collaborate with energy companies, investors, industry leaders, other founders, and mentors from the EnergyLab network to help unlock their next wave of growth.

This year, EnergyLab is delivering the program in partnership with four of Australia’s largest and most innovative energy companies: Transgrid, Endeavour Energy, Amber and Lumea. Transgrid manages the regulated high voltage and electricity transmission network in NSW and ACT, while Endeavour Energy distributes electricity to 2.6 million households and businesses across Sydney’s Greater West, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, the Illawara, and South Coast regions.

Transgrid and Endeavour Energy have both rejoined as program partners this year while Amber, a graduate of EnergyLab’s 2018 Acceleration Program, has come onboard for the first time. Amber is an electricity retailer powering the renewable revolution through real-time wholesale prices and automation of batteries and other smart devices.

Chris Thompson, CEO of Amber “Accelerating this renewable revolution has never been more important, and we know from experience how great the EnergyLab program is for getting traction and finding the right supporter and partners. We’re thrilled to be working with amazing new startups in the program and supporting here”

Lumea is a recently formed renewable infrastructure and energy services company within Transgrid, operating in the unregulated market across the NEM. Lumea’s General Manager, Innovation and New Ventures, Daphne Yao says she is excited to be supporting Amber Kinetics for the 2022 program.

“New energy storage solutions will be crucial to supporting increased electrification of industries through renewable generation. We’re excited to see how Amber Kinetics develops their kinetic energy storage system (KESS) which could become a really interesting adjunct to the large-scale batteries which we’re currently connecting to the grid.”

Leanne Pickering, Chief Customer & Strategy Officer, Endeavour Energy said, “As a partner for the second year running in EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program, Endeavour Energy looks forward to collaborating with EnergyLab to develop start-ups that offer innovative solutions to increase energy affordability for our customers and enhance the reliability and resilience of our electricity network now and in the future. Through our participation this year we are looking to work with partners to accelerate the delivery of our strategic priorities around network digitisation, supporting e-mobility and enabling our customers to better monitor and control electricity consumption and costs.”

To select this year’s cohort, EnergyLab worked with each partner to identify priority areas for innovation and then recruited startups best-suited to solving some of the most pressing problems across the energy industry.

The innovations represented in this year’s cohort are diverse and include a range of technologies that will help put Australian energy companies on the global playing field. The cohort includes companies working on asset management and network digitisation technologies, consumer engagement models and network communications innovations, as well as several startups working on electric vehicle infrastructure and adoption.

EnergyLab’s extensive network of over 300 industry leaders, mentors and partners is the backbone of the Scaleup Program. During their time in the program, participating startups will have access to a wide range of connections across the Australian energy market, setting the stage for ongoing opportunities to commercialise and deploy their technologies.

EnergyLab CEO Megan Fisher said, “It's a real privilege to be able to provide the world's leading energy startups the platform they need to grow and scale their businesses in Australia and New Zealand. In our third Scaleup Program we are thrilled to have startups joining us from all over the globe. Since its inception in 2020, we’ve been able to successfully bring startup and corporate partnerships to life and drive EnergyLab’s mission to decarbonise the economy by supporting climate tech startups. This year, we are beyond thrilled to have one of our own alumni, Amber Electric, who graduated from our 2018 Accelerator as a partner. With Amber having moved from an exciting startup to now being one of the most innovative retailers in Australia joining our partner group, we now have partners representing a much wider portion of the energy value chain.”

From the 2021 Scaleup Program cohort, V-Labs Managing Director Diemer Cohen Stuart said, “For V-Labs, EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program was a great and efficient way to get a first foothold in the Australian energy market. Thanks to the program, we managed to land a great customer, which has allowed us to expand our activities in this fantastic country further!”

Fellow graduate Daniel Danilatos, Founder and CEO of Neara said, “We found the agenda to be extremely well designed, structured & executed. The entire EnergyLab team has a keen appreciation for what is required to bridge the commercial engagement gap between start-ups and energy utilities. This ensured the program was pragmatic & focused on enabling the greatest likelihood of tangible opportunities to result. It was also fantastic getting to know other global companies navigating similar trajectories and customer engagement.”

The 11 companies in the 2022 Scaleup Program cohort are:

IOTE2E (US, South Korea) Next Generation of IoT Communication, Purpose-Built, Reliable, and Robust IoT Data Links and Service Platforms for Smart Energy and Smart Cities

Amber Kinetics (Australia) The Next Frontier in Energy Storage

Bia (Spain) Smart EV charging software featuring high-performing forecasting algorithms and a powerful optimization engine to intelligently manage, predict, and optimize EV charging.

Encoord (US) Enabling energy stakeholders to plan the energy transition.

Enging (Portugal) Enging is an innovative provider of asset condition monitoring solutions for mission-critical industrial assets.

Ev.energy (UK) Cheaper, greener, simpler electric vehicle charging, for everyone.

The Good Car Company (Australia) The Good Car Company is an affordable electric vehicle marketplace with a mission to decarbonise transport and energy.

IONATE (UK) Transforming power through fundamental control innovation.

Pix Force (Brazil) Pix force develops solutions based on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable information to our clients through the automatic analysis and interpretation of collected images and videos.

Village Energy (Australia) Village Energy connects the billions of household energy assets to the energy system in a way that works.

Voltaware (UK) White-label Energy Insight Platform to drive engagement and unlock new revenues

The 2022 Scaleup Program is underway now, and will culminate in a public showcase event on September 14th. Register your interest for this event to see the startup cohort and partners showcase the next evolution of decarbonisation in the energy sector.

EnergyLab is Australia and New Zealand's largest climate tech startup accelerator and innovation network dedicated to reaching net zero emissions. With over 200 alumni supported through its programs, EnergyLab connects talented founders to the mentors, advisors, partners, peers and investors they need to succeed. EnergyLab programs include the Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship building the next generation of women founders; the Climate Solutions Accelerator; the Scale Up Program for later stage clean energy startups and a climate focused angel investor network.

Other Resources IOTE2E x ZIOLINKS Field Test: Youtube

Media Contacts

EnergyLab: Akhil Sharma - Senior Manager, Scaleup Program | akhil@energylab.org.au

IOTE2E: Emeric Charamel - President, Europe & Africa Operation | emeric.charamel@iote2e.com

IOTE2E signed MOU with ETRI, a top leading Korea Government-Funded Research Institute for Smart City Projects

November 13, 2018 | IOTE2E Press Release

San Diego, USA and Seoul, Korea (November 13, 2018) — IoT End-To-End solution provider IOTE2E and South Korea government-funded ETRI (The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help both companies and their global alliance to work together on developing new IoT technologies and sustainable smart city, knowledge sharing on the IoT machine communication.

Both parties have carried out continuous joint studies and multiples activities to develop IoT application technologies and its machine network roadmap. Under this agreement, IOTE2E and ETRI will collaborate with the global partner companies to demonstrate and determine how IoT machine network and its end-to-end solution can be incorporated into smart city offering to increase competitive performance, long-term sustainability, and affordability.

ETRI and IOTE2E said it expects this MoU to initiate the launch of the end-to-end solution and its affordable deployment of machine network to build substantial momentum with local partners in the public and private sectors, creating a significant financial momentum for the company and global partners.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Key Jong Lee said: “Having signed the MoU with ETRI we are seeing the great values, collaborations and opportunities in the industrial IoT space and smart city across the globe. Our joint teams are working very hard to adapt IoT technologies rightly, develop sustainable smart city platforms securing intellectual properties and technology leadership. We would like to speed up the evolution of IoT technology and smart city much faster. Therefore we are very happy to invite more local and global partners to join our end-to-end smart city platform to increase our capacity and sustainability.”

ETRI as Korea government-funded research institute is trying to provide better experiences of IoT machine network with the convergence technologies of the future. ETRI is dedicated to technology development, innovation, validation and public recommendation for the industries of electronics, wireless telecommunication and internet of things. ETRI developed technologies of TDX (Time Division Exchange), Terrestrial DBM, WiBro, 4G LTE Advanced. ETRI initiated the validation and commercialized CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) for digital wireless service in the Republic of Korea. ETRI have filed more than 2500 patens in the domain of wireless communication.

ETRI successfully built Korea’s first Underground Safety projects in multiple metropolitan cities that ETRI has initiated and led Korean government-funded first Convergence Research Consortium with KICT (Korea Institute of Construction Technology), KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute), and KIGAM (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) to achieve underground critical infrastructure monitoring for the public safety where wireless communication faces challenge.

The head of ETRI Underground Safety project, Dr. IH Lee said, “The collaboration with IOTE2E and global partners will create more opportunities for the development of convergence technologies in the related industries and businesses. We are very happy to show the good convergence reference for the public sector.”

IOTE2E expects this strategic collaboration with ETRI and global partners make their end-to-end IoT platform be well dedicated to smart city, smart farm, smart energy, smart water, smart mobility and smart health with its most affordable machine network platform.

About IOTE2E

IOTE2E is the global integrator for technology and business in smart city, smart mobility, and smart energy providing the end-to-end solution and machine network platform to solve the community problem and serve many people with social contribution.

For more information, please contact:

Emmanuel Katz
Executive Director, Global Marketing and Communications

IOTE2E signed $236.8M MOU with French Investment Group to fund Smart Energy and Smart City

November 22, 2017 | IOTE2E Press Release

PARIS, France (22 November 2017) — IOTE2E (www.iote2e.com), a global business integrator for smart city and smart energy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a global French Investment Group to raise a € 200 million euros (236.8 million USD) fund in 2018 and 2019 to kick off the first project and consortium of smart energy and smart city in the Republic of Korea. The two parties held the ceremony to secure the collaboration and momentum on Wednesday, 22 November 2017 in Paris, France.

The French Investment Group is dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for smart and clean community and closed more than € 502m for the renewable power plants with its businesses in three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. They believe IOTE2E’s team of highly qualified professionals as well as IOTE2E’s extensive global network of partners and quality of smart energy farm projects are very convincing elements to go further with IOTE2E.

IOTE2E provides the advanced SES (smart energy solutions) and smart energy farm that can be sustainable and innovative to provide clean renewable energy for smart city and smart community. By using smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices, smart wide area network, machine platform based upon AI, and big data analytics, IOTE2E is able to provide full end-to-end solutions for smart city and smart energy.

Key Jong Lee, Founder & CEO, IOTE2E said, “IOTE2E is ready to meet and lead the growing needs of smart energy farm and smart city in the world. IOTE2E has fast-developing technical and business savvy resources in US, France and Korea. IOTE2E is changing the way we adapt high technologies and process complicated businesses by redefining the social value, resources and contribution of energy and IOT (Internet of Things) businesses, and focusing on the full end-to-end solution from energy to environment.”

About IOTE2E

IOTE2E is the global business and technology integrator for smart city, smart mobility, and smart energy providing the end-to-end solution to solve the community problem and serve many people with social contribution.

For more information, please contact:

Emmanuel Katz
Executive Director, Global Marketing and Communications