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Sustainable Smart Energy Network

We evaluate, design, build, operate eco-friendly "Smart Renewable Energy Network" to strengthen Energy Security, Environment, and Economics.

IOTE2E has a clear mission to provide global smart energy solutions that connect smart cities with the clean and sustainable energy through technology and cultural innovation, focusing on PV solar energy and biomass energy.

The global alliance, initiated by IOTE2E with its smart energy solutions and smart city solutions, provides the distributed and advanced renewable energy generation for smart city to improve energy efficiency, energy independence, energy diversity, and energy network.

IOTE2E provides advanced ESS and innovative EMS to allow 24Hours Off-Grid Smart Renewable Energy for Smart City to maximize solar investment with proven quality for long term durability. We offer a complete solution for the entire PV solar system..

The kind of Biomass Fuel is one of the most important items to choose the type of Combustion Furnace. When biomass is processed, this stored energy can be transformed as Heat and Electricity.

Generating electricity from renewable energy rather than fossil fuels offers significant public health benefits. Biomass energy is carbon neutral, growing plants capture the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere by processed biomass fuels. Therefore net carbon emissions are zero.

Solar cells as called photovoltaic (PV) cells transfer sunlight energy (photons) into DC (direct current) electricity. Photocells have no moving parts, and can work in remote locations with ESS (Energy Storage System) to provide higher energy valuation and energy options.

Traditional PV solar power companies are expanding their renewable energy portfolio into ESS based power generation to offer stable grid peak control and better profit margins. More Renewable Energy companies plans to build solar and biomass power plants in the far east Asia including Korea, Japan and China. These countries are aggressively pushing the renewable energy portfolio up to 20% by 2030.

IOTE2E global teams create and develop the quality projects of renewable energy, remove or reduce investment risk, secure project financing, provide project management, professional surveys, regulatory permits, and licenses. Also we execute planning, design, capital equipment procurement and sales, civil engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, inspection work, electric power generation, and its connection and sales to grid, value-added revenue creation, as well as providing customized Smart City Infrastructure and Smart Energy Network for higher productivity for the local community with advanced technology and environmental leadership.

Nature is not simply resources to provide our needs. Rather, it is the reason why we are sustainable with all life forms that we humans depend on mutually for our survival.

- Key Jong LEE -