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Smart City

IOTE2E is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we adapt to IoT technologies and the way we process business with our smart city solutions. Rather than providing fragmental technology, IOTE2E provides End-to-End solutions from Long Range Wireless IoT network to Smart City Platforms through Full Stack Application Development, Big Data Analytic Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Craft based upon Blockchain technology. We help clients to manage a large number of resources with Low Power Consumption Smart Applications and License-Free Long-Range Longevity IOTE2E Network to lead Smart City, Smart Farm, and Smart Factory sustainable and successful.

IOTE2E's smart city platform is built to provide the latest End-To-End Solutions, Smart Operating Platforms and Robust Communication Network for the Internet of Things to manage Smart City, Renewable Energy, Environment, Resources, Smart Farms, Smart Factories, Industries and more. We provide the advanced project consultation, evaluation, design, technology strategies, engineering, development-operation-maintenance.

Streaming unpolished Big Data through Machine-To-Machine IoT network can be very expensive, troublesome and risky. IOTE2E solutions are structured to build the right application data model and platform to result "Smart Data". It is much less of a burden and risk, and clients can use much meaningful and organized information with less cost and less risk.


IOTE2E delivers an easy and powerful IOTE2E Smart City Platform for the Internet of Things enabling community and industry to implement Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Farm, Smart Factory, Smart Drive and more M2M (Machine-To-Machine) solutions with minimum effort and time.

License-Free IoT Network

License-Free ISM band network

Low Power Consumption

Power Budget for 2~15 Years Battery Life

Long Range Data Communication

High Link Budget, 1~98Km Data Transmission

Large Data Capacity

Allows rich and real-time data processing


Edge IoT Device Communication Business Manager

Longevity Platform

Sustainable IoT Plantform

Low Cost

Low Cost of CAPEX and OPEX

Human First

Warm Caring Culture