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IoT End-To-End Solutions

In order to provide the full end-to-end solution for smart city and smart industry, IOTE2E crafted eICBM for Edge IoT Communication and Business Manager to support Edge IoT Devices and Edge Computers. eICBM is built to connect directly to Edge IoT Devices and Edge Computers to provide Rich and Real-time data with much faster data processing supporting diverse Edge Data Models. eICBM provides a rich web service view to configure the devices, communications, and applications. eICBM provides a faster polling service to IoT Devices, Edge Computers, traditional systems like SCADA, MODUS, Serial Communications (RS232, RS485) in order to revolutionalize the Edge IoT Communication and Remote Business Data into the next level providing much higher data resolution with far less IoT network resources. eICBM is able to process many protocols of RTU, PLC, DNP3, MODBUS, SCADA, Serial Communication into MQTT, optimized for the Edge IoT Data Communication and its Edge APPs. IOTE2E provides the full service and solution of End-to-End solutions from Long Range Wireless IoT Edge network to Smart City IoT Data Platforms.

eICBM, Edge IoT Communication and Business Manager (eICBM)

eICBM is able to serve as Edge Device Data Polling Engine at the business and operation fields and process Edge Data in the native machine protocols to analyze Edge Data as configured. eICBM is able to send Edge Data to the MQTT broker on eICBM Platform for Server and Cloud to facilitate data service to the subscribed applications and enterprise solutions with smart API services.

Edge IoT Communication

Edge IoT Device and Computer Communication Manager

Edge Power Monitoring

This Functional Module Available (Q4, 2020)

Rich and Real-Time Data Processing

Rich Edge Data Models with Long-Range Communication

Communication Outage Backup

Provide Edge Data Backup during Communication Outage

eICBM Link to Cloud

Send Edge Data directly to Cloud Service

MQTT Enabled

Support any applications subscribed to MQTT Broker

Multiple Machine Devices and Protocols

Support Multiple Protocols and Devices simultaneously.

Edge Device and Radio Compatibility

Support Compatibility with Edge Computer and Radio

eICBM Platform Service for Server and Cloud (ePS)

eICBM Platform Service for Server or Cloud System is to manage and monitor Smart Edge Applications of remote assets such as Edge IoT Devices, Edge IoT Computers and Edge Communication via eICMs. ePS shares an interface with eICBM and allows to configure multiple instances on Edge IoT Devices or Edge Computers with significantly lower communication bandwidth than directly accessing their configuration websites. After deployment of field assets with eICBM, ePS Network Monitoring System (NMS) can provide the Wide-area IoT Device Radio Communication Network Health Status with Signal Strength, RSSI, Margin, Noise, Data Transmission Success Rate, and etc that help the Strategic Network Deployment and its Field Maintenance regardless network topology.

eICBM MQTT Bridge to OPC (eMBO)

eICBM MQTT Bridge to OPC is built to monitor and configure the eICBM MQTT service. eMBO situated in the server mainly converts the MQTT messages from the broker into OPC messages for HMI's that do not have MQTT capabilities to handle. eICBM MBO updates the status of eICBM MQTT service with control to start or stop the service. eMBO allows to configure the location and the MQTT Broker Connection for the MQTT Service. eICBM MQTT provides the log data for the MQTT Subscriber log file, Application log file, and OPC communication log file. This also the settings configured and the history output files of CSV format that logs the OPC tags metric data of the device polled. When the target HMI goes down, eMBO can store all the real-time messages as history bank and backfill them into the HMI when it's back online.

eICBM Protocol Bank (ePB)

eICBM Protocol Bank (ePB) is the most updated and powerful protocol solutions for eICBM communication and business management. It provides the rich protocols translations, reliability, security, and diverse data models for industrial applications. ePB provides a durable logger and dashboard for diagnostic tools to support the remote businesses. ePB allows adapting industrial IoT platform on the existing traditional industrial machinery, SCADA, MODBUS, Serial Communication devices, equipment, or sensors as it is because ePM can digest most of their protocols and translate and feed them to new or existing enterprise solutions, transforming the legacy businesses into smart data-based businesses.

Multiple Protocols Bank

Support Multiple protocols over a single channel


Support SCADA and MODBUS system

Concurrent Multiple Users

Support multiple remote concurrent users for collaboration

Redundant Communication

Redundant communication paths to switch HMI control of primary and backup

Smart Report

Easy reporting from device communication status to missing records

Monitoring and Configuration

Status of business data and communication and Priority Data Polling

eICBM Wireless Network (EWN)

eICBM Wireless Network (EWN) is the most updated strategic IoT Wireless Machine Communication Network, which is built under the IOTE2E 5L Strategy. 5L stands for Long Range (~100 Km), Large Data(~ M Bps IoT Data), Low Power (~10 Years Battery Life), License-Free (ISM Band), and Logentivty Network (~10 Years). eICBM Wireless Network is engineered for Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Water, and Smart Farm in order to provide Low-Cost LPWA IoT Radio Communication and High Data Throughput Backhaul Network. eICBM Wireless Network can be deployed with IOTE2E Smart Energy Solution in order to provide Power, Heat, Water, and Smart Communication that brings the fundamental power of smart civilization in any remote area where 4G or 5G is not reached. IOTE2E provides IoT Communication Radio Module of Long-Range, Communication Board, Finished Good Radio of 900MHz, 2.4GHz or 5GHz for ISM band application, Access Point, Base Station, Network Deployment Tool Kits, Development Kits, Remote Monitor Unit, Technical Support, Network Study, and Deployment Service. eICBM Wireless Network can connect up to thousands of Edge IoT Devices by a single AP or Gateway simultaneously and provide massive channels to avoid interference but delivering Long Range and Low Power functional features that enables the service providers to deploy millions of IoT devices in a single eICBM Wireless Network.

In order to achieve the full end-to-end devices with eICBM Wireless Network, IOTE2E provides IoT Asset Platform (ISP) manages devices, sensors, meters, equipment and machines including communication radio and its radio network asset, and Smart Data Platform (SDP) manages the IoT Edge data from devices, sensors, meters, PLC, SCADA, machines and transform them into the traditional business data and the mindful smart data to power the innovative business processes.