IOTE2E is a global IoT technology integrator and business developer for smart city, smart energy farm, smart factory, and smart farm. We bring next-generation technologies of smart city IoT network, smart city platform, smart energy management(SEMS), and smart energy storage system (SESS).

We provide comprehensive smart city platforms where global IoT technologies can connect with our smart applications, smart solutions, and global customers.

About Smart City and Renewable Energy

IoTE2E develops ICBM (IoT Device, Communication Network, Big Data Clouding, Machine Platform) Solutions and Infrastructure for Smart City, IoT Project and Renewable Energy.


IOTE2E has a clear mission to provide exceptional value and smart solutions to our clients. We keep our focus on the sustainable smart city, safe environments, and clean energy network. Our company has a proactive and caring culture that is our business operating system. We bring next-generation IoT (the internet of things) technologies and high-density clean energy system to empower smart city. We have dedicated to building world’s best smart cities, smart farms, smart factories, smart building, and renewable energy power plants which are sustainable to empower the growth of economy and culture.

Specifically, our forte is global business development and IoT technology integration. IOTE2E believes in providing the complete 4D business experience. Develop, Differentiate, Design, Deploy. With sustainable and insightful business process, we give our clients full end-to-end solutions and its successful benefits.