IOTE2E is a global investment, development, integration and management company for smart city, smart solar farm, and smart factory based on IoT technology and renewable energy.

We integrate businesses and technologies of Renewable Energy Network and Sustainable Smart City Infrastructure.

About Smart City and Renewable Energy

IoTE2E develops ICBM (IoT Device, Communication Network, Big Data Clouding, Machine Platform) Solutions and Infrastructure for Smart City, IoT Project and Renewable Energy.


IoT E2E has a clear mission to provide exceptional value and smart solutions to our clients while keeping a focus on sustainable energy, safe environments, and smart city. Our company has a proactive, caring, and exciting culture that is able to fully utilize advanced IoT (the internet of things) technologies and high density renewable energy. We build renewable energy power plants, smart solar farm, smart cities, and environmentally sustainable smart networks using the Internet of Things, and generate renewable energy power systems and smart asset management systems.

Specifically, our forte is business and system integration for smart city, IoT projects, energy storage system, energy management system and on-site power generation using renewable energy power plants.

IoT E2E believes in providing the complete 4D business experience. Develop, Differentiate, Design, Deploy. With this model, we give our clients full end-to-end solutions from smart city, smart solar farm and renewable energy use to financing. Our focus on the integration of smart city technology, renewable energy, and smart safety is empowered by our smart IoT network and high density-safe energy solutions.